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All treats are made with real meat with no nasty fillers and colourings, 100% natural & healthy

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JR Rabbit Ears with fur Best Seller (natural wormer) 100g £3.50
JR Lambs spaghetti Dried intestine 100g £3.50
Venidog Venison Chew Sticks Chews £3.95
The Innocent Hound venison & chopped apple sausages 70g £3.00
The Innocent Hound sliced venison sausage training treats 70g £3.00
The Innocent Hound duck & cranberry training treats 70g £3.00
The Innocent Hound Salmon & sweet potato bites 70g £3.00
JR Salmon coins £3.50
JR beef liver treats £3.50
JR beef slice long lasting chew £3.50
Hollings sausages (5) pork & beef £1.50
JR Dehydrated beef trachea £3.50
JR Ostrich Kebab Skewer 100% ostrich meat skewered with ostrich tendon single £3.50
JR Ostrich Crisps 100% ostrich great dental treat 60g £4.50
JR Ostrich Spaghetti Ostrich tendon low in fat, high in protein 80g £7.00
JR Ostrich Biltong 100% ostrich high protein low in fat £4.50
JR Ostrich Bone Long lasting non splinter bone. Floats in water £9.50
JR Venison lung cubes 200g £12.00
JR Pure Salmon Pate 100% fish Ideal Kong fillers, food toppers or treats 400g £3.20
JR Pure Turkey Pate 100% turkey 80g great King fillers £1.50
JR Venison Tendon perfect long lasting chew up to 23g each £3.50
JR Bulls Pizzles extra thick (long lasting chew) natural dental chew 2.20 ea or 3 for £6.00
JR Beef Jerky 250g bag finest cuts of human grade beef £1.90
JR Tripe sticks 100g 100% air dried tripe £1.50
JR Beef Lips 200g bag £3.50