Price list

Puppy food Nutritionally Comlplete Price
Lamb Complete 500g £2.40
Beef Complete 500g £2.30
Duck Complete 500g £2.22
Turkey Complete 500g £2.22
Chicken 500g £1.98

frozen single protein complete meals. Muscle meat, bone and offal dinner with fresh vegetables and natural supplements of salmon oil and kelp, designed for the growing needs of a puppy dog, supplied in a 500g sealable container.list

Product Info Info Price
lamb Tripe Chunks 1kg £3.00
Chunked Hearts 1kg £3.00
Kidney Chunks 1kg £2.15
Minced Beef 80.10.10 454g £1.70
Chicken Bone Mince 454g £1.25
Turkey & Bone Mince 454g £1.10
Duck & Bone Mince 454g £1.20
Beef shin marrow bones 1kg £3.70
Beef knuckle bones 4 pieces £3.50
Chicken feet raw 1kg £3.00