Price list

DFC minces are chunky and are one of my best sellers so these do tend to sell out quite quickly. Deliveries are monthly so once its gone its gone for another month. If you have a large order please notify me in advance to avoid dissapointment



Complete raw meals are now available

Mince Info Info Price
Chicken & Bone Mince 908g sold out £1.50
Chicken & Tripe Mince 908g £1.60
Chicken & Liver 908g sold out £2.00
Chicken & Beef Mince 908g £2.00
Chicken & Heart Mince 908g £2.00
Chicken & Lamb Mince 908g £2.00
Chicken & Rabbit 908g sold out £2.50
Beef & Tripe Mince 908g £2.10
Lamb & Tripe Mince 908g £2.10
Complete meals 908g Price
Beef Complete 908g sold out £2.40
Lamb Complete 908g £2.40
Rabbit Complete 908g £2.90

Completes are 40% meat 40% tripe 20% bone 10% organ meat

Other Products from DFC Price
Lamb Breast 1kg sold out £2.75
Diced liver 908g sold out £1.75
Raw Meaty Bones 1Kg £2.00