Price list

DFC minces are chunky and are one of my best sellers so these do tend to sell out quite quickly. At the moment they only visit me once a month and deliveries tend to be the 3rd week of each month. If you have a large order please notify me in advance to avoid dissapointment



Complete raw meals are now available

Mince Info Info Price
Chicken & Bone Mince 908g £1.50
Chicken & Tripe Mince 908g £1.60
Chicken & Liver 908g £2.00
Chicken & Beef Mince 908g £2.00
Chicken & Heart Mince 908g £2.00
Chicken & Lamb Mince 908g £2.00
Chicken & Rabbit 908g £2.50
Beef & Tripe Mince 908g £2.10
Lamb & Tripe Mince 908g £2.10
Complete meals 908g Price
Beef Complete 908g £2.40
Lamb Complete 908g £2.40
Rabbit Complete 908g £2.90

Completes are 40% meat 40% tripe 20% bone 10% organ meat

Other Products from DFC Info Info Price
Lamb Breast 1kg sold out £2.75
Diced liver 908g £1.75
Raw Meaty Bones 1Kg £2.00