This is stunning Olly the Dachshund who is owned by Helen. Olly was a very fussy eater but loving the Landywoods food. He certainly is a picture of health and thanks to his owners dedication it seems that his fussy days are hopefully over.

  • Nickleby Irish Setter puppy fed on Nutriment puppy food. His coat is amazing. Owned by Lois

  • Seka raw fed and bursting with energy

  • Misha owned by Roz.Raw fed GSD showing perfect white teeth

The benefits of feeding a natural raw diet

This is Seka one of my raw fed dogs. Her teeth are brilliant white because she has raw meaty bones in her diet every week.


There can be many benefits to feeding a raw natural diet.Many owners will rave about the immediate improvements which can be noticed on many different levels. 

  •  Energy and vitality - see the difference in your dogs energy levels
  •  Stools - size and production,firmer and smaller less offensive in smell.When you feed raw the dog is utilsing everything he can,passing out only true waste,not undigested food.
  • No more Doggy smells - You will have a much sweeter smelling dog.
  •  Healthy skin and coat - Skin conditions can be improved and often start to clear with raw feeding. 
  • Fresher breath - doggy breath will start to improve.
  • Cleaner Teeth - introducing raw meaty bones to your dogs diet will help to keep teeth clean.
  • Variety - How bored would we get if we were served the same meal each day,raw feeding adds variety,texture and taste.
  • No chemicals,additives or colourings.
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Prevents hyperactivity
  • Wipe out weight problems
  • Increased nutritional value
  • Longer life span
  • Consistant growth pattern in puppies
  • Calmer demeaner
  • Easy to digest
  • Energy and vitality

  • slim & muscular

  • Healthy glossy coat