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Lambs Spaghetti 50g or 100g

Sheeps Intestine : Free from: artificial flavours, additives and preservatives.

Lamb Spaghetti is a delicious 100% natural dog chew that is perfect for dogs of all sizes.

Rich in goodness, high in protein, low in fat and hypoallergenic too.
Made from sheeps intestine an nothing else. No additives, no preservatives nothing! These characteristics make them a super healthy, safe and highly digestible treat for your pet.

Grain Free - Gluten Free - Wheat Free.

Feed whole or snap and reward.

Satisfies the natural chewing instinct and helps keep teeth clean and healthy.
r-dried and made in Europe.

Handy resealable bag.

The honest treat the way nature intended it!

Suitable for all breeds and size of dog over 3 months of age.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 35 x 1 x 0.5cm


50g £1.99       100g £3.50

New in stock

NatuTripe Bone 6"

Simply 100% pure tripe pressed in to the shape of a bone

  • High protein
  • Cares for teeth and gums
  • Suitable as a treat, reward or training aid.


£2.50 each


New in stock

The award-winning Pure Range

A range of naturally pure treats in eight tasty irresistible varieties: Kangaroo, Kangaroo, venison, chicken, duck, salmon, beef, rabbit and lamb.

  • Simply 100% pure fresh meat...that’s it
  • Grain and gluten free. No additives, no preservatives....nothing!
  • Healthy and nutritious treats for all dogs
  • £2.75 per 50g pack
  • Bulls Pizzles £1.00 each

    100% Natural Air-Dried Dog chews

  • Puffed Jerky £1.20 per 100g

    A real favourite with my dogs 100% Natural Air Dried lung

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  • Venidog venison treats with Glucosamine 100g £4.05

    Gluten gree
    Hypo Allergenic
    No Additives

    100% Natural Air-Dried
    British Venison Meat

  • Veni Dog Pure Venison chew sticks £3.55 per 100g

    Gluten free
    Hypo Allergenic
    No Additives

    100% Natural Air-Dried British Venison Meat

Treats and Supplements now in stock

  • Sea Jerky Twists 100g £4.05

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  • Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 250g £5.50

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  • Nutriment Little Fish 100% Dehydrated sprats 100g £2.60

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  • NutrimentTripe Sticks 150g (6-7 in a pack) £2.50

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Seka enjoying a Moo Tube

Moo Tube £1.05 each

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Turkey Liver Chews £2.75 100g


  • Nutriment Moo Tubes (raw beef trachea) £1.05 each
  • Nutriment Baa Tubes (raw lamb trachea) £1.05 each


  • Nutriment Beef Liver Chews £2.85 100g
  • Nutriment Turkey Liver Chews £2.85 100g